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Inexperienced, unknown opponent only gets smattering of votes. HOUSTON – Judge Michael “Mike” Schneider won a staggering 72 percent of the votes in the recently released Houston Bar Association 2010 Judicial Preference Poll. His opponent in the race for the 315th Juvenile District Court – an inexperienced bureaucrat with zero experience practicing juvenile law – managed only a small number of votes. The HBA results showed that Judge Schneider won a larger percentage of votes…

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Largest police organization in Houston backs experienced judge. HOUSTON – The Houston Police Officers’ Union – the largest police organization in the city – has endorsed Judge Michael “Mike” Schneider in the race for the 315th Juvenile District Court. Judge Schneider, a Republican seeking his second full term in the November 2nd General Election who is facing a challenge from an inexperienced Democrat, was informed of the major endorsement Friday. He said he was proud…

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Stats show smart reforms working to keep community safe. HOUSTON – Smart juvenile justice reforms championed by Judge Michael “Mike” Schneider, 315th Juvenile District Court, are saving taxpayers money, reducing detention overcrowding and making Harris County residents safer, according to statistics from a leading children’s advocacy group. Between 2007 and 2009, 24 percent fewer youths were incarcerated in juvenile detention facilities and there was also a 24 percent drop in petitions filed by prosecutors, according…

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