HPOU endorses Judge Mike Schneider in fall campaign

Largest police organization in Houston backs experienced judge.

HOUSTON – The Houston Police Officers’ Union – the largest police organization in the city – has endorsed Judge Michael “Mike” Schneider in the race for the 315th Juvenile District Court.

Judge Schneider, a Republican seeking his second full term in the November 2nd General Election who is facing a challenge from an inexperienced Democrat, was informed of the major endorsement Friday. He said he was proud to receive the backing of HPOU, just as he did when he ran for his first term.

“This endorsement means so much to me and I’m proud to receive it again,” said Judge Schneider. “The men and women of HPOU put their lives on the line every day. They see the struggle against juvenile crime in a way few do. They appreciate that getting the community involved in this fight – as we have done in my court – is the best way to keep our community safe, save money and make sure juvenile offenders don’t become dangerous career criminals.”

Gov. Rick Perry first appointed Judge Schneider to the bench in 2006 – the year he later won his first term. Since becoming the presiding judge in the 315th, Judge Schneider has presided over roughly 15,000 cases, including scores of complex jury trials involving a mix of family, criminal, juvenile and civil law. Before coming to the bench, unlike his opponent, Judge Schneider had tried more than 200 contested cases in every juvenile and family court in Harris County. He also supervised lawyers with thousands of such cases pending in local juvenile and family courts as the former Deputy Division Chief in the Children’s Protective Division of the Harris County Attorney’s Office.

Judge Schneider has been praised for his innovative approach to reform and problems facing the juvenile justice system. Earlier this year, he received more than four times the number of “qualified” and “well-qualified” votes than his Democratic opponent in the Houston Bar Association’s Judicial Candidate Qualification Questionnaire – a score that demonstrated the bar’s appreciation for, among other things, Judge Schneider’s steady and intelligent handling of complex cases, especially those involving child custody and protective issues.

“This endorsement says so much because I know these men and women care about the quality of justice our community receives,” said Judge Schneider. “They recognize that this race is about keeping someone on the bench who can handle the job – someone who has been serving and is ready to continue serving.”