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HPOU, P.O.L.I.C.E., Inc. backed judge in 2006, 2010 and will again in 2014 HOUSTON – The Houston Police Officers’ Union – the biggest police group in the city – recently endorsed incumbent Judge Michael “Mike” Schneider in his bid for another term in the 315th Juvenile District Court. Judge Schneider, a Republican seeking his third full term in 2014, said he was excited to get another nod from the prestigious law enforcement organization that back…

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Judge: Sealing criminal records of certain juveniles an access to justice issue. HOUSTON – A new Houston Bar Association program aimed at helping reformed juvenile offenders access better educational opportunities and jobs is up and running after getting key support from Judge Michael “Mike” Schneider. The program, recently featured in The Houston Chronicle, pairs private sector attorneys with former juvenile offenders trying to have their criminal records sealed. Judge Schneider, 315th Juvenile District Court, helped…

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